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This blog is hosted by the owners of Kekemba Resort Paramaribo. We hope to receive you as a guest in our resort, of course, but we would like to share the knowledge and expertise we have acquired over recent years about tours, trips and other information about Suriname.
The trips described in this blog can be booked via Kekemba. Sometimes it is easier to arrange certain tours directly with the tour operator, in which case we will put contact details of this tour operator on the relevant blog. Also Do-It-Yourself trips are described.
Given our years of experience, you can safely book your trips and tours through us, and easily pay via our Dutch bank account or credit card.
Have fun reading our blog entries and see you soon. Greetings from John and Lloyd

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creation date (ymd); 2018-09-06
Food Delivery
Food delivery in Suriname

creation date (ymd); 2018-08-14
Items to Pack
Essentials and Convenient items to take to Suriname

creation date (ymd); 2018-08-14
Hotel on the Upper Surinameriver

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-31
Tuk Tuk
Explore Paramaribo and surroundings in a different way

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-31
Monique Pool and her Sloth Welness Center

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-31
Historical Jewish place and visit to Blaka Watra

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-31
Capital of the district of Saramacca

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-31
Preparation trip to suriname for diabetics

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-30
Rock carvings from long ago

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-30
Luxe resort on the Upper Surinameriver

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-30
Experience true Surinam by mountain bike

creation date (ymd); 2018-07-30
Bigi Pan
Big nature reserve near Nieuw Nickerie

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Since July 2018 I started this blog for information about Suriname. Some contributions are from guests of my resort, Kekemba Resort Paramaribo. For the moment the blog is only in english.

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