Blanche marie vallen en Apoera -Meerdaagsetrip- Nummer 19 op overzichtskaart

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    Indigenous village Apoera
    Blanche Marie rapids
    Visit various villages
    Flora and fauna


    Simple stay with bed and private shower and toilet.blanche_marie_via_weg surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Number of days/Number of nights

    4 dagen/days / 3 nacht/nights


    Moderateblanche_marie_via_weg surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

General info

    Blanche Marie falls
    The impressive Blanche Marie waterfalls, located in the Nickerie river, lie more than 300 km southwest of Paramaribo in the Bakhuis mountains. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Suriname with a gigantic displacement of water during the rainy season. The imposing waterfall is stretched over more than 100 meters and is situated in high forest, the most beautiful type of tropical rainforest.
    With the independence of Suriname, the Netherlands pledged to Suriname an amount of then 3 billion Dutch guilders. Of this, 1 billion was spent on building the infrastructure (mainly 100 km of track) to transport bauxite from the Bakhuys mountain range to the Nickerie River. At Apoera, the bauxite would find its way through the newly built port to the wide world. Apoera would become the 2nd city of Suriname. The project was energetic taken in hand. As the project progressed, the enthusiasm became less. More money than ever expected to sit in the project and when it was finished, the bauxite companies like Billiton and Alcoa were not interested. The bauxite price was too low and the bauxite content in the ore was too low. Apoera is a village stayed with the infrastructure of a large port city. The big locomotive is after a few test drives put down and has never driven again.


    Day 1
    From Paramaribo we leave for Zanderij, on the way is stopped if desired for taking pictures and consuming sandwiches and drinks. During the trip there is a chance that you will see different exotic animals such as: monkeys, sloths, deer, turtles, lizards and various bird species: parrots, macaws, trumpet birds, powisies. After Zanderij we pass a number of Indian villages and continue our way to Witagron, a maroon village, where we stop for a visit linked to a lunch break. After this stop we start the second route that takes us across various creeks and bridges through the jungle to Apoera (indigenous village on the western border with Guyana). Here we will stay overnight.
    Day 2
    After breakfast you will visit the railway line from "Somewhere to Nowhere". This railway was built at the time to mine the bauxite reserves in the Bakhuys area. During this visit, the guide will extensively explain the story behind this railway. Then we visit the Indians in the small Kwamala village. Here you can make a village walk and get acquainted with the culture of two indigenous tribes; the Arowakken and the Trio's. They make special souvenirs that can be bought. In the afternoon we make a cruise over the Kaburi creek, known for the beautiful nature and the giant otters that are regularly spotted here and we return to Apoera. After the evening meal there is time for a social gathering.
    Day 3
    After breakfast we leave for the Blanche Marie waterfalls. Along the way you will get information about the flora and fauna and you can see the rapid rapids of the river. In the fall you can sit in some places underneath and enjoy the falling river water and amaze you where all that water comes from. There are also several natural jacuzzis for a delicious massage. Around 1pm it is time for a lunch. We spend the afternoon at the Massage where there is also an opportunity to fish. The evening will be spent at Blanche Marie.
    Day 4
    After breakfast we leave again to Paramaribo, where we are back in Paramaribo in the late afternoon.


    Full board, accommodation, bus and boat transport, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit.blanche_marie_via_weg surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Good to know

    At Blanche Marie is normally not the whole night power. If you have an apnea device, electricity can be supplied for the entire night at an additional cost.

Convenient to take along

  • Small backpack to carry camera or water while walking.
  • Pocket money (in SRD) for the purchase of souvenirs or (alcoholic) drinks.
  • Camera, video camera.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen lotion.
  • Raincoat and sometimes a shawl can be handy (sun/rain).
  • Swimsuit and towel.
  • Sun hat or cap.
  • Backpack/bag made of waterproof material or packaged in a plastic (garbage) bag.
  • Clothing and change.
  • Running shoes, slippers, water sandals.
  • Personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, ...
  • Flashlight.
  • Penknife.
  • Do not forget your medications.


    blanche_marie_via_weg surinam suriname kekemba trip tourDue to circumstances it may be possible that not all parts of the tour as in the description listed, can proceed. Also, components can be carried out in a different order than stated.

    Sign up at 1 of the big hotels in Paramaribo. When booked you will hear exactly where. Check in time: 6:00. At least 20 minutes before check in time you must leave Kekemba Resort Paramaribo by taxi. The price of the taxi is not included in the tour price. The taxi will cost approximately euro 3.

    Arrival at 1 of the big hotels of Paramaribo. Excepted arrival time: 17:00. From here you take a taxi to Kekemba Resort Paramaribo. The price of the taxi is not included in the tour price. The taxi will cost approximately euro 3.


    blanche_marie_via_weg surinam suriname kekemba trip tourThe prices are per person.

    4 dagen/days / 3 nacht/nights
    Price euro 350
    Prices are subject to change.

    Kekemba does not carry out the trips and tours, Kekemba is an intermediary. The executive tour operator has the following payment conditions:
    - prepayment of 25% at reservation and
    - Remaining payment at least 30 days before the start of the tour.

    If the tour operator cancels the confirmed tour reservation (even if paid), we (you and Kekemba) mustthereby submitting. You will get returned your (pre)payment and can choose an alternative tour
    This tour continues with a minimum number of participants: 4
    If the minimum number of participants is not met, you will receive your full payment and you can choose an alternative tour.

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