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Bigi Pan - Big nature reserve near Nieuw Nickerie

Bigi Pan

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East of Nieuw-Nickerie lie along the ocean lakes, with Bigi Pan as the largest lagoon. The nature reserve of no less than 135,000 hectares has unique characteristics. It is under the influence of the ebb and flow of the sea and is fed with both salt sea water and fresh water from the interior.

This is the story of one of our guest of Kekemba Resort Paramaribo of his trip to Bigi Pan and Nieuw-Nickerie. First we crossed the Saramacca river. This is not that wide. An hour or so later, we had to cross the Coppename river. Both rivers have bridges. We drove through the Coronie district, all the way to Nickerie district. This is the district that borders the Atlantic Ocean and Guyana. We even drove along the mouth of the Corantijn River, which forms the border between Guyana and Suriname. First we stopped in Nieuw-Nickerie this is a larger city, where you have all the amenities. From a swimming pool to police station, banks, hotels and hospital. Many Guyanese people stay here when they cross the border or have crossed over to Suriname. We just kept a pause. A little later we were already at the jetty to Bigi Pan, where they were already waiting for us. Quickly in the boat towards the next dam. The son of the owner operated the boat. Arriving at a dam, the boat had to go to the other side via a tow-hoist; everyone had to help. A kind of moat, surrounded by mangrove trees, lead us to the big lake.

Fishermen lodgings

bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

There were the huts in the middle of the lake. These huts used to be the lodgings of fishermen, who later switched to tourism. Now you can stay cozy and quietly enjoy the cooler air. Just install and then we got chicken with rice, string beans and cucumber for lunch.Around 5 pm, we went by boat to the side of the river to spot the flamingos, herons, red ibis and other birds. The water is actually not deep, between 20 and 150 cm. Because of this we sometimes got stuck in the mud, but only the boatswain had to push and then it quickly went on.


bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Up to 50 meters from the flamingos we could come, until they flew up a whole air show for us. Around 8 pm we received another delicious meal. First barras, a kind of Hindu donuts with chutney. Nice and crispy, but also a calorie bomb. Fortunately we also got the healthy salted soup, with boiled egg, chicken, and vegetables in it.

Moon and stars

bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

That night we slept in a room in the hammock. In the night you can see the moon and stars, it is very dark on the lake. In the morning we got bread with tea, coffee, peanut butter and egg. Then we could go sunbathing, until the boat left for the mud for a mud bath. Later with the kayak towards the flamingos. I sat on the lake for an hour or four. I could really get very close to the birds. Up to 30 meters from the red ibises in the tree and up to 20 meters from the flamingos.


bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

After a bit of sunbathing we got delicious homemade rotis with chicken at 12 o clock. A little later we were back on the boat. When we arrived at the mainland, we took the car towards the Zeedijk. Here is the illegal crossing to Guyana. After 10 minutes of taking photos and enjoying the view we drove back towards Paramaribo. We took a stopover in Groningen, where there are several commemorative monuments.

Organized tour

bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

You can on an organized tour to Bigi Pan. In this tour with a guide, the towns of Groningen, Totness, Wageningen and Nickerie are also visited. You sleep in the lodge on the Big Pan lake (basic accommodation). The price is euro 150 per person with a minimum of 2 persons. 2 days, 1 night. Food, drinks, transport, lodge, access Bigi Pan and some activities included. Mail us for further information or bookings.


bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Rent a car or go with a local bus to the start point of the Bigi Pan tour at Nieuw-Nickerie. Stay at a lodge on one of the Bigi Pan lakes. Call straight to Stephanie of Bigi Pan Adventure for more information: (+597)8783651.

Accomodation in Nieuw-Nickerie


bigi-pan surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

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