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cycling surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Surinam has all the ingredients for an adventurous and sportive bike ride. The Fietsen-In-Suriname company has become the specialist in this field of adventure bike tours. The tropical heat, the lovely jungle odors and the different cultures guarantee a genuine cycling adventure. For nature lovers these tours are highly recommended. The short routes are very doable for someone in normal shape, a strong cycling condition is absolutely necessary for the longer tours.

Mountain bikes

cycling surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

The professional mountain bikes of Fietsen-In-Suriname are only available in combination with a tour. They have several fantastic tours, for instance: the 2day Railroad tour of 35km, the 3day Brownsberg tour of 70km, the 4day Powa Challenge of 160km and the 6day Apoera Challenge of 360km. This last tour is the heaviest one, but it does take you to the most beautiful hidden spots of the Surinamese jungle.


cycling surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Fietsen-In-Suriname takes you to a starting point. The driver transports your baggage, has got provisions, cooking gear, tents, mats and hammocks on board, and is responsible for care during the stops. The technician has got spare materials and tools with him and will ensure your mountain bike remains in good condition. And then your fantastic, fully catered tour can begin.

Bike rental companies

cycling surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Fietsen-In-Suriname Paramaribo
Grote Combéweg 13a
Office: +597 520 781 or Mobile: +597 867 57 57
Office hours:
Monday to Saturday: 8:30am till 5:00pm
Suday and holidays: 9:00am tot 2:00pm

Fietsen-In-Suriname Nieuw-Nickerie
Walther Hewittstraat 1
Mobile: +597 8 78 22 20
Office hours:
Monday to Saturday:8:30am till 3:00pm

Cardy Bike Rental Paramaribo
Cornelis Jongbawstraat 31
Office: (597)-422518 or (597)-424505
Office hours:
Monday to Saturday: 8.15am - 5.30pm
Sunday and Holidays: 8.30am - 5.00pm (call ahead)


About Me

blog travel reizen surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Since July 2018 I started this blog for information about Suriname. Some contributions are from guests of my resort, Kekemba Resort Paramaribo. For the moment the blog is only in english.

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