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danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

This is the story of one of our guest of Kekemba Resort Paramaribo of his trip to Danpaati River Lodge. Early in the morning (6.30 am) we left for the interior of Suriname. After a ride by bus of about three hours we arrived in Atjoni, where a korjaal (a kind of canoe) left for the island Danpaati, which is a bit further south in the Suriname River. The company consists of a Dutch couple, a couple that recently moved from the Netherlands to Suriname and us. We are the only ones in the lodge, so that approaches the atmosphere of private very much. The boat trip showed us the beautiful nature of the tropical rainforest. Along the banks small villages and people in the river doing their laundry and doing dishes.


danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

After about two hours of sailing we were warmly and enthusiastically welcomed at the Danpaati River Lodge, a true paradise with beautiful views over the river and more than friendly people who run the lodge. The lodge is connected to a number of social projects (school, home care, media library) and the profits from the lodge also benefit the village of Dan and these projects. Except that it is a pleasure to be here, we contribute to a good cause. Meanwhile it was time for lunch and we were served a delicious beans with rice and chicken. Never eaten before and it tasted exquisite. After lunch I relaxed, my girlfriend in the hammock on the terrace in front of our cabana and I relaxed in a chair. As I write this, my friend is exploring the island with the rest of the group and the guide. I sit on our own terrace looking out over the river and observe the people from the lodge who develop all sorts of activities. They are all very cheerful and nice. If the weather stays good, we will make a trip on the river tonight and we will try to spot caimans.


danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Because the water in the river is quite high, the spotting of caimans was more difficult than usual. After a lot of searching we eventually saw a small caiman, so we did not go for nothing. What was equally interesting, by the way, were all fish that sprang from the water and were given a silver sheen by the glare of the flashlights. After the trip, we had a nice chat with the group of traveling companions at the bar.

Village of Dan

danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

This morning a visit to the village of Dan, just across the bank, was on the program. The village is inhabited by an indigenous tribe of Saramaccans, who still live according to their own old traditions. It was beautifully and clearly explained by one of the tribesmen, who told us a lot about the traditions and customs. You have to think of, for example, the right of the man to have several women, whom he must treat as his first wife. So if he buys something for a woman, he must also buy something for all other women. The Saramaccans live quite isolated. Young people do go to Paramaribo for study and / or work, but often have problems and very limited opportunities because they have their own language and often do not have enough Dutch to manage in Paramaribo. Dutch is the official language in Suriname. After the visit back to the lodge for a delicious lunch.

Medicinal herbs

danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

After a pleasant evening yesterday we stayed at our lodge for a morning to relax, while the others took a walk in the woods and were introduced to all the medicinal herbs and plants that the Surinamese rainforest is rich. We enjoyed the view of the river and all the activity that is there on the terrace in front of our cabin. In addition, the necessary beautiful butterflies and birds passed us by. In the afternoon we went for a swim and then sailed a number of creeks with a canoe, where we spotted caimans, saw a toucan and some other birds. While we were sitting in the open canopy a huge rain shower broke loose and in no time we were soaked, but that did not spoil the fun. Fortunately it became dry again and we were able to fully enjoy the overwhelming nature that we sail through. Upon return, someone from the staff was there to pamper us with a tasty snack, as they do every day at the end of the afternoon. While we were having a drink before dinner, another huge rain shower broke out, which lasted for the rest of the evening. We had little trouble with it, because after the delicious meal we have a good time after sitting down with our traveling companions and a part of the staff.

Volunteer work

danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Today already the last half day in Danpaati. Like the day yesterday ended with rain, so he started today. Around nine o clock my girlfriend left for a morning of volunteer work at a care project in the neighborhood. She has helped with washing up etc. and has achieved the necessary satisfaction. Then lunch and especially for me there was Surinamese noodles on the menu. We are very spoiled here. After lunch the boat was put on and waved off by a part of the staff. After an hour and a half sailing, with the necessary rain showers, arrived back at Atjoni, where our driver was ready to take us back to Paramaribo.


danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Danpaati River Lodge is only accessible via a multiday tour, 3day, 4day or 5day tour. The tours leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and are all inclusive: transportation from/to Paramaribo, meals, non-alcoholic drinks (water, coffee, tea), tour of the village of Dan, nature walk, late night caiman spotting. Pricing: 3day tour Euro 335, 4day tour Euro 395 and the 5day tour Euro 455. Mail Kekemba Resort Paramaribo for more information and bookings.


danpaati-resort surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

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