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Items to Pack - Essentials and Convenient items to take to Suriname

Handy to take with you

itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

What do I take with me on a trip? Packing luggage remains difficult. The big question is usually not what you have to take with you, but what you have to leave at home. Does your hotel or apartment in Paramaribo have towels and klamoes? On a inland journey, how are the facilities there: does the trip go to a malaria area, the drinking water comes from the river or is it rainwater. If the websites of the organizations you have booked do not give exclusions, please mail them just to be sure.

Travel equipment

itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Travel suitcaseYou will probably fly to Suriname. A good, sturdy travel case is a must
Hand luggageHand luggage suitcase for those items that you want to keep with you during the flight
BackpackPerhaps you will be traveling through Suriname. Then a backpack is more convenient than a travel suitcase. And a waterproof backpack is useful given the climate
DrybagDrybags are 100% waterproof bags and they stay afloat on the water. Handy because every once in a while it happens that a canoe 'turns around'. But also useful during a rain shower on the bike
DaypackA backpack for the walk. Do not take too big you do not take too much.
Fanny packFanny pack, travel wallet, for safe storage of money, passport, bank cards and yet close at hand.
Suitcase lockIdeal for locking zippers.
Cut knifeA cutting knife is always handy. Even if it is just to eat a freshly picked orange on the way. Do not take it as hand luggage on the plane, but in your suitcase.
FlashlightAt a guest place in the interior there is only a few hours in the evening power. A flashlight is a must. In Paramraibo too, the power can fall out.
Travel guidesA handy travel guide with tips and tricks, with do and dont, with sensible and not sensible.
Playing cardsThis will bring you the evening in the jungle around. Take it from plastic, which will certainly survive the humidity of the tropical Amazon rainforest.
Waterproof coversWaterproof cases for your phone, camera, passport and other things.
Travel plugIn Suriname we have European and American sockets. Ask the places where you are going to stay which kind of outlet they have and if they have any adapter available.
Travel pillowSleep well in the plane. Due to the not so good roads in Suriname, little will end up sleeping in the car or bus.
Duct tapeFor a quick, waterproof repair at an unexpected moment.
TiewrapsFor an unexpected event where you have to tie things together, bind to each other, bind something tightly.
Notebook and penA notebook is always useful. Take the pen with you on the plane in the hand luggage, you need it for completing the immigration forms.


itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Zip-off pantsA quick drying zip-off pant. Short pants for the day and long pants for the evening or if recommended by the tour guide.
Long pantsFor those cold evenings in Paramaribo when it is blowing and raining and of course to go to the restaurant.
ShortsA quick drying short pants.
PonchoA poncho is only necessary if you enter the jungle during the rainy season and expect to sit in a boat for hours.
T-shirtsA few tasty t-shirts. Shirts are not necessary in Suriname. T-shirts are also very common in fancy restaurant and nightlife.
CapA headpiece to prevent burning of your scalp and give shade on your face.
Hiking bootsWell-worn walking shoes with a good profile. The interior of Suriname is pretty hilly. Rain and unpaved paths do not go well together.
SocksI personally do not like to walk in shoes without socks.
Flip flopsTasty slippers to walk from your apartment or hotel room to the pool. Hygienic and street tiles in Suriname become too hot for bare feet.
UnderwearNice sitting underwear. You sweat a lot in Suriname, your skin becomes more sensitive.
SwimwearSwimwear for the pool of your resort and of course for a rapids.
SunglassesThe tropical sun is bright. Protect your eyes. I have read once to not take blue glasses.
Dress and skirtAnd especially for the ladies: a dress, skirt, blouse to stroll along the waterfront.


itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Mobile phoneAn extra, cheap mobile to take with you on tour. Do not let your expensive smart phone fall into the river.
BinocularsSuriname is known for its many birds. A visit to Bigi Pan certainly is a must. Get the birds closer with good binoculars.
EreaderNo more stacks of books in the suitcase.
GoProIs Suriname the excuse to finally buy that wanted GoPro camera?
PowerbankYou can charge your phone or camera without electricity in the neighborhood.
2Country SIM cardBuy all your 2 countries sim card in the Netherlands. Accessible in Suriname with a Surinamese and a Dutch number. Both the Netherlands and Suriname call at local rates and no roaming costs.


itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Sunscreen creamOne with a high protection factor with that tropical sun in Suriname.
AftersunCalming and cooling the skin after exposure to too much sunshine.
Shower gel
Small bottles for liquidsHand luggage restrictions for liquids and gels: maximum package size of 100ml per product and these together in 1 transparent and resealable plastic bag of maximum 1 liter.
Disinfecting hand gelFor that time you do not have water and soap at hand.
Toothbrush and pasteFor the personal oral hygiene. Toothpaste comes under the liquids so take it in the suitcase.
DeodorantConsider the high perspiration of the tropical climate in Suriname.
CondomsIf applicable.
MakeupWhen selecting the make-up, pay attention to the high sweat level in Suriname.
Hairbrush combAs long as your hair is nice.
Hair gelKeep in mind the humid climate.
Toilet paperTaking a roll with you can never hurt.

Travel documents

itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

PassportPassport must still be valid for at least 6 months on arrival in Suriname.
Copy important documents
Health insurance card
Tourist card or visa
Airline ticketYour ticket to Switi Sranang.
Train ticketIf you go to the airport by train.
Drivers licenseDrivers license. For stays longer than 2 weeks, an international driving license is mandatory. Then get this at the ANWB.
Reservation parkingProof of your long-stay parking on Schiphol.
Frequent flyer passIf you have a frequent flyer pass from the KLM or SLM, do not forget to bring along. Benefits with car rental Avis and Europcar.
Discount coupon SchipholEuro 5 discount on your purchase at Schiphol after customs.

Anti mosquitoes

itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

Mosquito netIf your accommodation in Paramaribo or outside is not equipped with mosquito nets then it is convenient to bring one yourself.
ImpregnationMake the mosquito net itself mosquito repellent.
DeetDeet remains the right means for most people. The higher the percentage the better functioning. Not suitable for small children.
Mosquito spiralA mosquito spiral, called 'mosquito's candle' in suriname, lights up with a lighter and burns in about 8 hours. The smell keeps mosquitoes at a distance.
Mosquito blenderThe fly swatter kills insects that hit the grid, but does not pose any danger to people. No smoke, no chemicals.
Tick tweezersTicks occur in Suriname. Only little is known or that they have the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.


itemstopack surinam suriname kekemba trip tour

CashAlways handy for the first expenses in Suriname. For example the tourist card.
Credit cardOnly Mastercard and Visa are accepted in Suriname. Handy for the deposit of a rental car. In Suriname you can not pay much with a credit card, but getting money from the bank in case of emergency is possible.
Debit cardGet money from the machine. Pins at stores. Do not forget to release the pass for world payments. Check with your bank also the limit of the card at ATMs and pin devices.
Random reader, E-dentifier, TAN listIf you book a tour and the tour operator has a Dutch bank account, transfer is a safe and cheap way of paying.

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Since July 2018 I started this blog for information about Suriname. Some contributions are from guests of my resort, Kekemba Resort Paramaribo. For the moment the blog is only in english.

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