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    The most sustainable of course is not making any journeys and staying at home. But that would be a shame. We believe that seeing the world broadens your horizon and that traveling is beautiful and precious. Traveling brings people in the world closer together. Traveling provides more tolerance and understanding. Traveling ensures that you not only see the rest of the world, but also your own trusted world through different eyes. In addition, our planet, and certainly Suriname, is of course breathtakingly beautiful.People will always continue to travel, that is in the nature of the beast. Also by plane; you do not even have a choice when going to Suriname.

Sustainable steps

Solar water heaterkekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
Solar water heater
  • Solar water heaters
  • In this warm and sunny climate, solar water heaters are a sustainable alternative.
  • Inverter airconditioning
  • With an inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor is variable due to additional built-in techniques and systems. This makes the purchase of an air conditioner more expensive, but it does offer a number of major benefits. An inverter unit has a speed-controlled compressor, which optimally controls the cooling requirement on the demand of the room. The compressor regulates back in speed instead of switching on and off. Because the compressor can run at a lower speed, the capacity can also be reduced (up to 25%). This achieves a more constant room temperature and therefore more comfort. The inverter is about 40% more efficient than an old-fashioned on-off unit. This results in low energy consumption. The inverter unit also has a very low noise level.
  • Air conditioning sensors
  • Limit energy consumption in the absence of guests in an apartment.
  • Roof and ceiling insulation
  • The roofs and-or ceilings are insulated with alu foil and-or glass wool. Less energy is needed to cool the apartment, the apartment itself also cools faster and the cool air lingers longer.
  • Double glazing
  • When replacing windows, double glazing is chosen. Less energy is needed to cool the apartment, the apartment itself also cools faster and the cool air lingers longer. Double glazing is also sound-insulating.
  • Swimming pool
  • The swimming pool pump has an adjustable speed. We let the pump run at a lower speed in the evening and at night because then little or no use is made of the swimming pool.

Co2 neutral

kekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    We compensate CO2 emissions by supporting sustainable energy projects in developing countries. We do this with the help of Cleanseat, an organization with sustainable energy projects in developing countries.

    Charcoal ovens in Africa
    In Africa, around 94% of rural households cook on an open fire. This leads to a lot of deforestation and health problems. Deforestation causes the soil to retain less water and erode, with all the negative consequences for agriculture and the climate. Did you know that cooking on an open fire is the number 4 killer in the world. Therefore, efficient charcoal ovens have been developed in collaboration with the local population. The charcoal ovens are produced in Africa and sold throughout the country. The ovens combat climate change and at the same time improve the situation for the local population.

    Biogas in Africa
    Many people in rural areas of Africa do not have access to gas and electricity. The families therefore prepare their meals over a wood fire, often at home. Cooking with wood is bad for the environment and also very harmful for your health. A private biogas installation can be the solution for these families. A simple biogas installation can already function if a family has at least two cattle. Such an installation supplies sufficient gas for a stove and a lamp.

Your own flight Co2 neutral

kekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    Traveling is fantastic. Unfortunately, your journey also has negative effects on nature and local cultures. Sustainable travel means nothing but when you travel, you also take the environment and the living conditions of people into account, so that future generations can enjoy the beautiful places on our planet.

    There are many reasons for sustainable travel to go. We all use energy, which causes CO2 emissions with climate change as a result. Developments such as deforestation, the greenhouse effect, air pollution and depletion of energy sources are just a few examples of why sustainable business is so important. And if we go on a trip and use the car or the plane, we will cause extra CO2 emissions.

    Transport has the largest impact on the CO2 footprint of a trip (50%), followed by accommodation (35%) and third on-site recreation (15%). Compensate your flight with Cleanseat.

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A review on Tripadvisor

We stayed for a month at Kekemba Resort in Suriname and we had a great time. Especially the warm hospitality, personal interest and help if problems occur, comes to John and Lloyd at the first place. They really are ready for you by day (eat something?, call for a taxi?, tour information or just a chat at the bar) and night (wake up call, call a doctor for sickness) etc. The Resort including the pool and the garden are well maintained. The rooms are cleaned promptly by appointment and also by appointment provided with clean sheets and clean bedding. The rooms are fully equipped in terms of sanitation, cooking facilities and radio / TV. The Resort is located within walking distance (0.5 hours) from the center of Paramaribo and partially surrounded by natural vegetation where you can fully enjoy plenty of butterflies, birds, reptiles and even small monkeys. For those who love peace, good food and drink, a good bed, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Also outside the Resort is Kekemba in Paramaribo the right place to stay. Jose and Hans Vogelaar The Netherlands

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