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  • Traffic drives on the left in Suriname. You will also encounter cyclists, mopeds and pedestrians, as there are few bicycle paths and pavements available. Please note the quality of roads in Suriname, often the roas are not in optimal state. With a normal car, you can explore Paramaribo and the outskirts and visit the coastal districts. Are you planning to go off road driving, take ?the red bauxite roads are drive in an area with many sand roads, we recommend renting a four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • As already mentioned, the traffic in Suriname left. Left thus equivalent intersection precedence, except at T-junctions. At T-junctions the through traffic always has priority, unless otherwise indicated, by traffic signs even if the through road is a non-paved road
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  • Most car rental companies have a minimum age of 21 years for the driver of the car.
  • The driver of the car must have a valid driver's license and passport.
  • If you are going to rent a car (this is an obligation of the insurance companies) or if you still want to drive in Suriname after a 14-day stay (for example, you drive a family member's car), you must be in possession of an international driver's license (via the USA AAA ) or obtain a local "drive-approval certificate". Given the high cost of this certificate, the waiting time and the fact that you do not want to arrange this kind of thing in your holiday we strongly recommend you to come with an international driving license to Suriname.
  • It is required by law to use seat belts.
  • It is forbidden by law to use cell phone without a 'hands-free' set while driving a vehicle.

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Tips for car trips

auto kekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    Of course a car easy to move freely in Paramaribo. Go to the supermarket, just go to restaurant, do some shopping, go to the mall. Go as you please without calling for a taxi. But the main purpose of the car is of course the trips you can make with it. Some examples:
  • Plantation Peperpot and Nature Park Peperpot
    In district Commewijne, across the Suriname River from Paramaribo, is Plantation Peperpot. An agricultural district with mainly with Hindustani and Javanese people, who live in beautiful freestanding houses, the heirs beautifully planted with fruit trees. There are still old buildings in reasonable condition, such as a coffee warehouse with peelers, old slave houses and a kampong where people still live. The Nature Park Peperpot is a 28 acre nature reserve. The park is ideal for watching birds.
    Website Plantation Peperpot
    Wesite Nature Park Peperpot
  • Fort Nieuw Amsterdam
    At the crossroads of the Suriname and the Commewijneriver is a piece of colonial history: Fort Nieuw Amsterdam
    Website Fort Nieuw Amsterdam
  • Marienburg
    Former sugar cane plantation. Unfortunately, almost nothing is left over from the factory because of demolition.
    Wikipedia about Marienburg
  • Frederiksdorp
    Across the river at Plantation Marienburg is Frederiksdorp. The cocoa dry floor tiles (the only left over in Suriname) is behind the plantation house that was built in 1760. It is one of the best maintained plantations of Suriname (in terms of the buildings).
    Website Plantage Frederiksdorp
  • Boating villages along Commewijneriver
    By mail boat, you can sail along above mentioned places. Twice a week (Friday and Sunday). Please reserve a seat by phoning to 479061 or 410281. Boarding SMS pier at 7:00. Back at 16:00. Prices 2014: adults srd75, child younger 10 years srd 59.
  • Moengo, Albina en St. Laurent
    Moengo, a former mining village, Albina, located on the border river with French Guiana and St. Laurent, on the French Guiana side of the river located border town (reachable with an (illegal but tolerated) crossing by korjaal).
    Wikipedia about Moengo
    Wikipedia about Albina
    Wikipedia about St. Laurent
  • Moengo, Pelgrimkondre en Langetabbetje
    An adventurous trip with your (rental) car.
    Wikipedia about Moengo
  • Weg naar Zee
    Known for its Hindu pilgrimage site with the largest collection of Hindu statues in Suriname. A little further is the Hindu cremation place where cremations are done in a traditional way. Do you want this experience, then buy the newspaper De Ware Tijd and view the obituary. about cremations
  • Groningen
    bloemendaal groningen suriname surinam
    Groningen is the main town of district Saramacca, but has a cozy, almost village character. Visit in Groningen the main square, a central square in the village which is full of monuments.
    A nice place to stay the night is apartments Bloemendaal
    Wikipedia about Groningen
  • Coronie
    Buy fruits, fish and honey at the roadside stalls.
    Wikipedia about Coronie
  • Wageningen
    Used to be world famous for the development of new rice varieties. Untill it became a government run company in 1975 (the independence of Suriname).
    Wikipedia about Wageningen
    Wikitravel about Wageningen
  • bigi pan nickerie suriname surinam
    Nieuw Nickerie
    The border town with Guyana. Known for its promenade and the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve.
    Website of
    Website about Bigi Pan
    On the way back from your trip from Nieuw-Nickerie it is a good plan to stay overnight at Tijgerkreek at Landgoed Lindes Lust.
  • White Beach
    Beach on the Suriname River. White sand, palm trees, pina cabins, wooden pier and bar.
    Website of White Beach
  • Parabello
    A large lake, created by the excavation of bauxite, has become a mecca for swimmers and sunbathers.
    Website of Parabello
  • Pottery
    Five minutes from Para Bello you can get acquainted with the Indian tradition of pottery in the native village Mantamo.
  • Para Flor
    Made a visit to the botanical garden.
    A clip about Para Flor
  • Domburg
    surinat domburg massage wellness suriname surinam
    The square of Domburg is popular. Every Sunday it is packed. Staring over the water and eat some food from the many food stalls, while the children play.
    You can stay the night and/or have a massage at Luxury Resort & Wellness Center SURINAT
    Wikipedia about Domburg
  • Butterfly Garden
    At the edge of Lelydorp is Neotropical Insects, one of the 50 butterfly farms in the world. Started as a hobby, now a serious business.
    Website of Neotropical Insects
  • Train station Onverwacht
    The station itself is no longer in working order, but you can walk among the wagons. Rusted they stand together.
    Wikipedia about Onverwacht
    YouTube clip about Onverwacht
  • Overbridge
    Overbridge is beautifully landscaped with a brown sugar collered sand beach, shaded by giant trees, swaying coconut palms and lianas. The restaurant daily serves tasty Surinamese dishes.
    Website of Overbridge River Resort
  • Jodensavanne
    Jodensavanne was one of the oldest and most important Jewish settlements in the Wester Hemisphere. English Jews came from Barbados to Suriname. They settled in 1664 with Portuguese Jews that fled the cathode of Christianity in Portugal and Brazil.
    Website of Stichting Jodensavanne
  • Upper Suriname River
    Park the car in the secure parking of the Texaco petrol station at Atjoni. In Atjoni the road stops and must go by boat to one of the many villages and tourist facilities located on the Upper Suriname River. Villages as Jaw-Jaw, Gunsi, Pikinslee, Botopasi. Make a reservation in advance so you are sure of a sleeping place.
    Website of Stichting Lodgeholders Upper Suriname River

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