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To Bigi Pan on the Nickerieriverkekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
To Bigi Pan on the Nickerieriver
    Who loves nature, can certainly indulge themselves in Suriname. Over 80 percent of the territory is covered with primary forest, which makes Suriname one of the greenest countries in the world. The lush forests are crossed by eight major rivers and many creeks with cool, cola-colored water. The landscape of Suriname offers a varied panorama.
    Along the coast lie the fertile croplands. There were once many plantations established. In the south this area is adjacent to the Savannah belt. This is characterized by distinctive white sand savannas and dark coves where you can swim and paddle. More to the south, further in the interior of Suriname, several mountain ranges are located. Specifically, Table Mountain, one of the highest mountains of Suriname, with its characteristic flattened top and Duivelsei, a giant egg-shaped rock that seems to balance on the edge of a mountain. Impressive waterfalls complete the mighty landscape.

Between Corentyne and Maroni

To Bigi Pan the slipwaykekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
To Bigi Pan the slipway
    Suriname is situated on the Guiana Shield, a rock from prehistoric times bounded by two major rivers: the Orinoco in Venezuela and the Amazon in Brazil. On the Guyana Shield are located French Guiana, Guyana and parts of Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil. The Guiana Shield is part of the Amazon, the largest piece pristine tropical rainforest in the world. Also Suriname is separated with its neighbors by natural barriers. In the west Corentyne River forms the border with Guyana, in the east the Maroni River is the border with French Guiana. In the south, three mountain ranges form the border with Brazil: the Border Mountains (Grensgebergte), the Tumuk-Humak Mountains and the Acarai Mountains.
    The majority of the Surinamese nature is pristine, and thus protecting the wealth of flora and fauna. To continue to protect nature several areas are designated as Nature Reserve. Three of those areas merged together in 1998 into the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR), with its 16,000 km2 is now the largest nature reserve of Suriname, and one of the largest protected tropical rainforest in the world. The CSNR is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage since the year 2000.

Unique flora and fauna

arendkekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname

The birthplace of the sea turtle

Turtlekekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    But not only in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve is the fauna of Suriname well represented; each area has its own treasures. Both the beach of Galibi and Matapica, both on the coast, you can witnessing in certain seasons an extraordinary phenomenon: here come every year hundreds of giant turtles to lay their eggs. A very impressive experience. On the beach of Matapica is also the first bird hide of Suriname, a popular place for birdwatchers.

Walking through Peperpot

Peperpotkekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    In the district Commewijne is the former plantation Peperpot, a cocoa and coffee plantation was still in use until end 20th century. This area has now a trail, where you can also cycling. Here many birds have their habitat. But squirrel monkeys and capuchin monkeys scrambling here through the trees, and even giant lizards can cross your path.

The home of the Red Ibis

Scarlet Ibiskekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
Scarlet Ibis
    Close to Paramaribo you can go looking to the population of Guiana dolphins by boat, which spontaneously will give a show for you. During these trips, you will certainly enjoy the many bird species mainly which are looking for food in the Mangrove Forests. Special is the protected Red Ibis. And when the sun goes behind the horizon, you can spot caimans on the banks.

Adventures in Nickerie and Brokopondo

Damkekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
    In the far west of Suriname, in the district of Nickerie, the wetland area Bigi Pan is located where rare coastal birds can be observed. And in the district Brokopondo lays the Brokopondo reservoir, constructed in the sixties of the last century. For this, the villages that were located in the valley are now under water. In the lake that arose, on the bottom are still located partly intact wooden buildings and structures. The reservoir is popular among fishermen, but you can also spot invertebrates. If you are in for a bit of adventure and action, there are several possibilities. Various resorts and tour operators offer sporting activities such as kayaking, hiking, canopy, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling and horse riding.

One with nature

Traditional medicinekekemba resort paramaribo surinam suriname
Traditional medicine
    In recent years there has been much attention in Suriname for sustainable tourism. It is of great importance in order to ensure that nature does not suffer from the visit of tourists, but there is also attention to respectful treatment of the local residents. Increasingly useing local guides and lodging houses, to ensure that local communities also benefit from the tourist visit. For the tourist contact always will be enriching. The inhabitants of traditional communities in the interior often have a close relationship with nature. They are also well aware of the use of medicinal plants and herbs for the cure all kinds of diseases and disorders. Their knowledge of the use and the application of the thousands of plants used in traditional medicine is unrivaled.

Little fact

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